Mission Statement

The Lavender Convention strives to transform society’s view of the worth of LGBT individuals while bringing to an end the stigma of non-acceptance in religious and spiritual communities.  We strive to expand LGBT spirituality, as well as assist religious organizations with including LGBT individuals in their congregations, without restrictions. In doing so, The Lavender Convention will create a platform for members of the Community to explore and become aware of their own spiritual needs.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a transformation of society’s painful LGBT narrative.  We will join others without regard to religion, sexual orientation, or identity.  We will engage in community building in order to gain free access to spiritual resources of the greater community.  We are committed to the provision of events and services for anyone who may benefit from them. Ultimately, we vision a day where religion and its institutions will no longer stigmatize the LGBT Community.  With this transformation we will not only see a healthier LGBT Community, we will see a stronger society.